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Best Music Video

Music videos of all genres.

Best Narrative 

A music video with emphasis to originality of storyline.

Best Song

Music video with an amazing song, melody.

Best Animation Music Video

An animated music video in any of the following formats – Stop-motion, 2-D, 3-D, computer animated; rewarding the animator of the video.

Best Experimental Music Video

A music video that incorporates the avant-garde approach and uses abstracting techniques and techniques as usual.

Best Low Budget Music Video

Music video produced with budget lower than 3000 USD.

Best Performance

A category that rewards actors, singers, bands for their performance in a video clip.

Best Cinematography

Video clip focused on cinematography, creativity and overall visuals of the work.

Best Editing

Music video focusing on editing, style and visual compactness.

Best Visual Effects

A music video that involves the of live-action footage and CGI to create environments that look realistic. 

Best Director

A music video with creative imput of the director.

Best Crazy Music Video

A music video that is bizarre, mysterious, unconventional, or something that can't be boxed in terms of its design or execution.

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